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Our firm offers a broad range of services that can be tailored to your partnership’s individual needs.

Compliance Services

For the partnership:

  • Annual financial statements in specially designed format to provide a useful management tool for the financial control of the practice
  • Commentary on items in the accounts, including benchmarking the practice performance against national and local averages where possible
  • Calculation of amounts required to be retained within the practice for partners’ capital
  • Meeting partners at your premises once a year to discuss the accounts
  • Tax computations based on the accounts
  • Partnership tax return

For the partners:

  • Self-assessment tax return, including preparation of rental accounts and capital gains tax calculations etc.
  • Claim for professional expenses paid personally and income retained personally
  • Calculation of tax payments due in January and July each year
  • Preparation of GP ACPP annual superannuation certificates

Advisory Services

Specialist advice on the following:

  • Projection of drawings
  • Profit sharing arrangements
  • PMS to GMS transition review
  • Practice finance including working capital management
  • Partnership and personal tax planning including projection of future tax liabilities
  • Partner retirements and admissions
  • Partnership deed review